Safety Boots, Shoes and other

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Safety wear for today’s market is vast and large to ensure the safety of you and your employees. Our safety wear clothing range covers a selection of Hi-Vis Polo shirts, Hi Vis work shirts, Hi Vis jackets and Hi Vis Vests. There is also a range of Day/Night reflective safety wear which are worn in hazardous environments.

All of our safety wear suppliers have high visibility genuine micro fibre work shirts, that is not only lightweight, breathable and colour retentive but would overall meet all appropriate Australian Standards for your safety wear.

The Safety wear challenge was undertaken with the objective of reducing safety incidents caused through heat stress, incorrect wear of existing high visibility clothing and garment entanglement.

We aim to provide you with a diverse range of Safety wear enabling you to safeguard you and your employees no matter what tasks and conditions you face in your working environment.

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